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Fariba is a qualified Physiotherapist,licensed with the Dubai Health Authority. She graduated in Physiotherapy from Tehran University of Medical Sciences with Master’s degree and later started her PhD study at the University of Queensland, Australia in Physiotherapy. She has completed her PhD in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation( with an osteopathic approach) from National University of Medical sciences Spain in 2021.

Over the past 18 years, Fariba has held senior and managerial positions in physiotherapy and Rehabilitation departments at some major hospitals in Dubai. During 2002-2007 she was a lecturer in physiotherapy at University of Sharjah. She has been an active member of Emirates Physiotherapy society, Dubai Orthopedic and Emirates spine society.

Fariba is strongly committed to continuing her professional development by completing international courses in osteopathy, manual therapy, dry needling, peripheral nerve mobilization and biomechanics of feet and body alignment. This has helped her to ensure that the treatment provided, follows the latest evidence-based practice and contains the most up to date techniques. Fariba is also keen in organizing courses for Physiotherapists to help enhancing the knowledge and skills of Physiotherapist residing and practicing in the region. She has been invited and presented in many orthopedic, spine, and sports science national and international conferences in the UAE and abroad.

Fariba’s main interest is Orthopedic and Sports conditions, ligament injuries, Neck and back pain, treating Spinal disc degeneration and neural compromises caused by compressions, and correcting feet and posture alignments using different techniques. She utilizes combinations of manual therapy techniques, exercise therapy, decompression and unloading, dry needling, posture and gait correction techniques and motor control and brain retraining to treat her patients.

Fariba enjoys volunteering in sports events and has been involved in Dubai Rugby 7’s, Women triathlon, RAK ride to name a few, for many years. Her main goal is educating her clients and community in order to live a better and healthier life in shortest time possible.

Feel free to contact her at clinic number 04 344 4828 or 050 588 39 55 for a consultation.

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